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Dog fees and charges

Annual dog registration renewal fees are due on 1 July each year.

Pay by 31 July to avoid a 25% penalty fee that's applied to all late payments after 1 August.

Discount for de-sexing is applied if you provide proof from a licensed veterinarian. A 10% discount may be applied to registration of qualifying dogs if paid by 31 July.

Dog registration fees under the Dog Control Act 1996
Class / Type Registration 2023/24 Cost in full / first registration 2023/24 De-sexed discount
Urban and Rural Pet $102 $92
Rural livelihood - income from working dog $56 $51
Selected owner** $70 $63
Selected owner - superannuitant $57 $52
Superannuitant $67 $61
NZ Licensed Owner*** $60 $54
Probationary dog owner (rural and urban) $151 $136
Guide and hearing dog No fee No fee
Dangerous dog owner (rural and urban) $153 $153
Replacement Metal dog tag $15 $15

Penalty of 25% for late payment applies to all dogs registered after 1 August.

** Selected Owners who do not pay by 31 July revert back to standard owner rate plus penalty for late payment.

*** No new applications for Licensed Owners will be accepted.

To be eligible for Selected Owner discount, the dog owner must have a good dog ownership history. See the Selected Dog Owner Policy for more information.

New dog registration after 31 August will be pro-rated depending on the number of months remaining in the dog registration year and when the dog turns 3 months old.