Ngā rā kohi rāpihi

Collection days

Rubbish and recycling kerbside collection

Your rubbish and recycling is collected on the same day each week.  
Find the kerbside collection day for your property - search your address on Tairawhiti Maps

Bags and recycling bins must be out at the kerbside by 7am so you don't miss collection.

Rubbish and recycling kerbside collection days

City collection map

Ruatoria kerbside collection map

Ruatoria collection map


How many rubbish stickers do I use?

One sticker is required for up to 5kgs.

The maximum weight for one bag is 20kgs = 4 stickers.

You can use plastic or paper bags, or a bag inside a rubbish bin.

Make sure you tie the bag up and put the correct number of stickers on the bag.

Didn't get your rubbish or recycling picked up

If you had your rubbish out at the kerbside before 7am, but the contractor failed to pick it up, contact us to report it.

You can buy rubbish stickers from the supermarket, most dairies, service stations and our customer service centres.

These stickers are a different colour and shape to the Council-issued stickers.

You can purchase rubbish stickers from our customer service centres:

  • $2.80 per sticker for kerbside collection
  • $10 per rural pink sticker

There are our recommended retail price. Retailers set their own prices.

Recyclables go in the Council-approved recycling bin.

You can put 2 recycling bins out per property, but one must just contain glass.
Recycling bins are available for purchase from customer service or Waste Management. For more information on recycling

Rubbish goes in your own bag, with the correct number of stickers.

Ratepayers on the collection route are mailed 13 stickers (one per week) at the same time rates invoices are sent.