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Recycling is free and the more you recycle, the less rubbish goes to landfill.

Changes to recycling plastic

Plastic grades 1, 2 and 5 are recyclable.
This includes milk, soft drink, water and juice bottles. Shampoo, detergent and cleaning product bottles. Containers for ice cream, yoghurt and deli foods.

All other grade plastic or plastic with no number are not accepted.

Make sure your recycling is clean - give it a quick scrub to remove food scraps
Remove lids - these go in the rubbish
Never put rubbish in with recycling

Recycling right

If a product is not recyclable, it will be left in your recycling crate or it may not be emptied.


  • Grade 1, 2, 5 only. Milk, soft drink, water and juice bottles. Shampoo, detergent and cleaning product bottles. Containers for ice cream, yoghurt and deli foods.
  • Remove lids and place in the rubbish.
  • Rinse plastics clean of food and squash if possible.
  • No plastic grades 3, 4, 6, 7 or plastic with no symbols. Also includes plastic bags, wrapping, polystyrene meat trays, packaging, bubble wrap, toys.


  • Paper, cardboard, newspaper, flyers, magazines.
  • No tetrapak cartons, takeaway cups


  • Glass bottles and jars. Remove lids and place in the rubbish bin.
  • No broken glass, light bulbs, mirror, cookware, pyrex, crockery


  • Aluminum and tin cans
  • No pots, pans, car parts, mixed media

What not to put in your recycling crate

No hazardous items like batteries, gas bottles, chemicals, ash or paint.

No clothing, shoes, textiles.

Remove lids from all recycling, lids go in the rubbish bin.

You can take extra glass and other recyclables to the drop-off centre at 75 Innes Street or to your rural transfer station.

If you move house, you should leave the recycling bin for the next occupiers.

You need a Council approved recycling bin. If your property doesn't have a bin you can purchase one from us.

All product must be clean - wash, squash and sort your recycling. Make sure no food residue is left on any product, otherwise it will be rejected.

Pack and stack your bin, but don't overfill it. No product should protrude above the lip of the bin. Overfilled bins will be rejected.

Flatten cardboard and paper. Cardboard can be bundled flat and placed under the bin, as long as it's secured and only a maximum of 1m x 1m.

Collectors will empty a maximum of 2 recycling bins per property. If you have 2 bins, put all glass product in one bin.

You can put out 2 recycling bins per property.  You can buy a recycling bin from customer service or Waste Management NZ Ltd for $20 each.

If you move to a rental property and there's no recycling bin, contact your landlord or agent.

If you've built a new house, you need to sign up for kerbside collection at customer service, then you'll get your stickers and recycling bin.

Look after your recycling bin, try not to leave it out too long after it's been emptied.

Find out what day your kerbside recycling is collected 

Make sure it's kerbside before 7am on your collection day.

What you can recycle

Remember to check the number on plastic containers only 1, 2 and 5 are recyclable.

What you can recycle

Are you recycling right?

We see a lot of recyclable product going to landfill because it contaminated with food. The video also covers being a conscious consumer - how our shopping choices play a big role in waste minimisation.

Are you recycling right?