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Dog registration

All dogs must be registered from 1 July every year or when they turn 3 months of age.

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Renewing registration

We send out annual registration invoices to all registered dog owners before 1 July each year and it must be paid by 31 July.  A 25% late penalty fee will be added to all fees paid after 31 July.

How to pay your dog registration

Pay online to re-register your dog when you receive your annual invoice in June. Pay online with a debit or credit card Quickpay your registration

Internet banking - quote the code on your invoice. Here's our bank details

Pay in person at our customer service counter.

New registration

To register a new dog, you need to complete the dog registration form.
Once you have registered, you can renew your dog registration each year online.

All dogs registered for the first time must be microchipped within 2 months of registration.

How do you want to receive your annual invoice?

Tell us your preference to receive your annual dog registration invoice and any communication regarding registration. Do you prefer email or post? Complete the form below to tell us.

Note: Your dog(s) must already be registered with Gisborne District Council before using this form.

Choose how you hear from us

Changed your details?

If you or your dog's details have changed, please let us know as soon as possible. A change may include:

  • change of owner for the dog
  • change of address of the dog
  • recent desexing
  • the death or loss of a dog

Update your contact details

Dog tags

Metal smart tags have replaced plastic tags that needed to be replaced each year.

You only need to pay registration each year, without having to wait for a tag to arrive in the mail.

The smart tag has a QR code on it, generated by Tag King. You can add your dog's name for free or pay a small one-time fee for their VIP options. The benefit is if your dog goes missing, anyone who finds a dog will be able to scan the QR code for the dog's details.

We will only be recording your dog's unique registration number on the tag. Replacement tags are available on request.

For information about the smart dog tag
Or visit their website Tag King pet ID tags

What registration fees pay for

We provide a service 24 hour a day, 7 days that includes:

  • investigation of complaints and non-compliance
  • the dog pound and caring for offending and stray animals
  • prosecutions of people responsible for dogs that attack
  • providing information to the DIA National Dog Database
  • an education programme and materials

All councils are required under the Dog Control Act to keep a register of all dogs in their district. And to make sure owners comply with the dog control laws.

The fee takes into account the balance between all owners bearing the costs of dog control, and the benefits to ratepayers of having safe and well controlled dogs in the community.

Responsible dog owners are recognised in our fee structure and pay a lower cost as a selected owner.

Refunds and transfers

You just need to register your dog with us, there's no charge if they were registered with another council.

If your dog dies during the registered year, the unused portion of the fee you paid may be refunded.

Please let us know. Refunds are calculated from the date you notify us that your dog has died. You must return the registration tag if requested.

We will not grant refunds for dogs that have been lost, stolen or changed owners or districts.

If my dog died, can I use the same tag for my new dog?

No you need to register your new dog and we'll issue you with a new tag, there's no cost for the new tag.

Keeping an unregistered dog is an offence against the Dog Control Act 1996.

Failing to register your dog before 31 July will result in a penalty fee being added to its annual fee.

Any 3-month-old pup not registered within 30 days will also result in a penalty fee.

Failure to register a dog is a $300 infringement fine.