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1.3 tonnes of rubbish cleaned up by the community

Tuesday 8 August, 2023

More than 100 people picked up 1.3 tonnes of rubbish from the sand dunes and beach along the ‘Mad Mile’ on Sunday morning.

The community clean-up along Centennial Marine Drive was an event organised between Waste Management and Gisborne District Council.

Waste Management provided skip bins, and gloves and rubbish bags were given out to everyone who came along.

Council’s Waste Minimisation Lead Charlotte Phelps says it was an awesome turnout.

“Thank you to everyone who came along to lend a hand.

“Although there are people who continue to dump their rubbish on our beach and dunes, it was awesome to see the clean-up showed there are far more who have pride in our beaches.

“People of all ages came together to clean our beaches and there was a real sense of community, hope and positivity down there on Sunday.”

Ms Phelps says there’s a strong desire to have regular clean-ups, which Council could facilitate.

Picked up from the dunes and beach were car bodies and tyres, bikes,  prams, a vacuum cleaner and ironically a full sheet of rubbish stickers.

Ms Phelps says it’s disappointing that a lot of stuff picked up was recycling that could have been dropped off at no charge at Waste Management on Innes Street or at Metal Co, which takes scrap metal only and is on the corner of Banks Street and Solander Street.

At the close of the day, a BBQ was provided for the participants with the bread kindly donated by Walter Findlay Ltd and discounted sausages by the Village Butcher.

community beach clean Midway 2023

Skip bin full of rubbish 2023 midway beach

Olive Bunbury and Tilly McInteer at Midway Beach clean 2023

Above: Friends Olive Bunbury and Tilly McInteer stuff a large plastic fishing net they found on the sand dunes into a rubbish bag.

Below: Siblings Evee and Ryder Elsmore were also there to lend a hand with their Dad, at the community beach clean-up on Sunday morning.

Eve and Ryder Elsmore at beach clean up 2023