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Water take requirements

Freshwater plan fact sheet

Gisborne District Council's Tairawhiti Resource Management Plan (TRMP) includes rules for water takes.  If you can meet all the requirements for taking small amounts of water from rivers, springs and groundwater - then a resource consent is not required.

Requirements for non-consented water takes

  • The take is at a rate of less than 5 litres/second and a maximum of 10 cubic metres per day.
  • It’s for stock water - where it’s not used for intensive stock grazing, including dairy farming on more than 1 hectare, having more than 9 pigs per hectare, breakfeeding or keeping cattle or deer on irrigated land larger than 1 hectare.
  • It’s not from a wetland or outstanding waterbody that are listed in the TRMP.
  • Fish are prevented from entering the water intake – use a fish screen.
  • Water is not pumped from any spring.
  • No adverse effects are caused to the waterway.
  • There's no use of water for irrigation on an area larger than 1 hectare.

What if you don't meet the requirements?

If you can't meet the requirements, you need to apply for a resource consent.

If you're installing a bore to take water, you need to apply for a bore consent.