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Citizenship ceremony

Wish to become a New Zealand citizen?

We host the citizenship ceremony

Citizenship ceremonies for 2024

  • Tuesday, 28 May
  • Tuesday, 6th August
  • Tuesday, 26th November

The ceremony is held at Gisborne District Council's civic centre Awarua, 15 Fitzherbert Street, Gisborne.

  • The Department of Internal Affairs advises Council of the candidates names for each ceremony.
  • You will receive an invitation from the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • The ceremony starts at 10am and lasts about one hour then finishes with morning tea.
  • You are encouraged to wear national dress for the occasion, but this is optional.
  • A group photograph is taken and published in the Gisborne Herald newspaper.

Successful applicants for New Zealand citizenship are required to attend a public citizenship ceremony, where they will receive their citizenship certificate.

Applicants stand before the Mayor and take the Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance, declaring they will honour King Charles III, King of New Zealand, obey the laws of New Zealand and be a good citizen.

It is only after swearing allegiance that a person actually becomes a New Zealand citizen. Even though the Department of Internal Affairs provides separate approval, applicants are unable to call themselves a New Zealand citizen until they have taken part in a citizenship ceremony.