Puka whakaaetanga whakamākūkū whenua

Water permit for irrigation

Freshwater plan fact sheet

Gisborne District Council's Tairawhiti Resource Management Plan (TRMP) includes rules that you need a water permit if you want to irrigate on an area larger than 1 hectare.

What to provide with a water permit application

  • the name of the river or aquifer you want to take water from
  • the rate of take in litres per second
  • daily, weekly, monthly and annual volumes in cubic metres
  • the months you want to irrigate
  • the total area, in hectares, the water is to be used on
  • how you’ll use of the water, such as what crops the water will be used on.
  • what equipment you’ll use to irrigate with and how efficient it is for the particular crop type.

For irrigation management plan information, refer to the Tairawhiti Resource Management Plan Appendix H22

You also need to tell us:

  • soil types being irrigated and a map showing where these are
  • rotation and application rates based on the soil types
  • how the application rate of water meets our irrigation water guidelines. Read the irrigation requirements
  • how the water will be efficiently distributed – in impervious reticulation, not open channels
  • how you achieve irrigation efficiency for your your specific type of crop
  • how you’ll collect and use rainfall data to adjust application rates and rotation. The use of computer controlled irrigation systems for soil and climatic conditions should be used for large irrigation areas or daily volumes.
  • what irrigation equipment you’ll use and suitability for each crop type.
  • a programme for leak detection, repairs, and maintenance of equipment

You need to provide information about your past water use, this includes previous irrigation management plans and water meter readings.

There's no water available for new water takes in these area - unless water storage is part of the application.

Read the factsheet - water takes on the Poverty Bay Flats and Waipaoa Catchment

Fill out a resource consent water permit application