Ngā Mahere ā-Taone

Township plans

The development and implementation of township plans support the health of our people in our smaller communities.

Through improved local infrastructure, environment and outdoor spaces, township plans provide the opportunity for community-led decision-making, and the realisation of our community’s aspirations.

We also recognise their existence as valuable to the continuation of communities connected to traditional rohe.

Township plans are non-statutory planning documents and are owned by each of the communities.

Working with our communities on developing plans for improvements in the townships is an important part of our mahi.

We take a collaborative, bottom-up approach to include the community’s aspirations for the future. To make the townships  look vibrant and reflect our culture, while having well cared for amenities for visitors, Council  looks for community leadership and effort to drive these plans.

Townships include Manutuke, Muriwai, Matawai, Motu, Patutahi, Rangitukia, Tikitiki, Ruatoria, Te Araroa, Te Karaka, Te Puia Springs, Waipiro Bay, Tokomaru Bay, Uawa, Wharekahika/Hicks Bay/Potaka.

Council developed a township programme that guides us in planning for the future development of rural towns in our district.

Since the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan (LTP), all township upgrades were planned and delivered over a staged 2-year period. This was implemented to address issues with short review and implementation timeframes, financial constraints and construction delays.

Going forward, Council will look to work with at least one township every 2 years on community improvements like:

  • new and improved playgrounds
  • community facilities
  • streetscape improvements
  • street plantings
  • welcome and interpretation signage.

During pre-engagement for the 2021-2031 LTP in September 2020, 74% of respondents said that we should spend the same or even increase spending on community spaces and facilities.

We’re now asking you to make a choice between options for our township upgrades. Council’s preferred option is to continue as planned by working with communities resulting in a $5.1m spend over 10 years. This option supports our aim to stay within our debt limits, while still improving the wellbeing of our smaller townships.

The alternative option is to add around $3m to the programme. This will allow us to do more work in the townships so we can reach their goals of being vibrant townships sooner. However, this extra budget would come from increased rates and debt.

How its paid for

Major improvements in township plans will be coordinated with other Council activities included in this LTP to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

Our preferred option is to continue with our township programme as planned and maintain our level of service, with a 0.4% rates increase per year with impact on debt standing at $5.1m.

We’re also giving the option in the LTP of increasing spend to do more. This would add $3m to programme, however would increase rates by 0.7% with debt impact of $8.9m.

Township plans

Township plans in progress