Mahere Whakaritenga Maringi Hinu ki te Moana

Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan

All reports of oil spills or shipping incidents within the Gisborne / East Coast coastal marine area must be reported to Gisborne District Council ph 0800 653 800.

Under the Maritime Transport Act 1994 Gisborne District Council is responsible for responding to oil spills in the coastal marine area within 12 nautical miles out to sea from the Gisborne / East Coast coastline.

The Maritime Transport Act requires all regional councils to have a regional oil spill contingency plan.

The primary objectives of the contingency plan are to:

  • Prevent further pollution from the marine oil spill.
  • Contain and clean up the marine oil spill.
  • Have regard for sites that may be affected that are culturally or environmentally significant in a manner that does not cause unreasonable danger to human life, or cause an unreasonable risk of injury to any person, or cause further damage to the marine environment.