Review and extending a designation

For red and yellow placard homes including FOSAL policy

We have completed the 90-day review of the Designated Area for the Gisborne Tairawhiti region – and within this we have identified the continuation / extension. A part of this is a require to notify the public.

The scale and degree of the impact of the emergency and of its effects on building. Continue identification of red and yellow placard homes, including FOSAL policy. Landslides being identified and a large number of properties identified as imminent risk.

Any designation of an area for building emergency management must be reviewed at least every 90-days and will expire after 3 years unless terminated sooner or extended.

The designation is reviewed to decide whether the designation is still required. Following the review, the designation may continue to be in force, be extended, or be terminated prior to the scheduled expiry date if the designation is no longer in the public interest.

If the designation was made during a state of emergency or transition period that continues to be in force, the review is carried out by the CDEM decision-maker who made the designation.

Signed 24.09.2023