Drivers asked to be courteous at the raised table crossings

Thursday 11 April, 2024

Raised tables are flat platforms that are being constructed by some of Gisborne’s roundabouts, where pedestrian use is high.

They’re the preferred approach to roundabouts in Gisborne because of the dual purpose they serve for drivers and pedestrians.

They slow vehicle speeds and allow opportunities for pedestrians to cross the road, which on a raised platform gives them more visibility to motorists.

Council Road Safety Coordinator Lauriel Edwards says raised tables are courtesy crossings under the road code and drivers are asked to be courteous.

“They’re particularly helpful for pedestrians who are elderly or have mobility issues.

“They’re not formal crossings, however, the flat raised area is where pedestrians are asked to cross.

“As a speed hump, it slows traffic and allows time for pedestrians to see what is coming.

“Raised tables also increase the visibility of pedestrians crossing to approaching drivers, particularly where the presence of pedestrians is unexpected.

“It is advised that pedestrians make eye contact with approaching drivers to make sure they have been seen.”

Raised table crossing construction Derby St 2024

Contractors poured concrete last night at the raised tables being constructed on the Palmerston Road and Derby Street intersection. The work above was under a road closure on Derby Street last night when traffic numbers were much lower, with provision for pedestrians to pass through the site rather than take the detour.