Tolaga Bay Wharf update

Wednesday  20 December, 2023

We’re preparing to reopen Tolaga Bay Wharf to its halfway point by the end of February, 2024.

The wharf has been temporarily closed since January 2023, due to impacts from Cyclone Hale. At the time it was assessed for user safety and a recommendation made to install the temporary fence and stop access.

Following further large swells, it was reassessed and a second section was deemed unsafe due to major deterioration; 2 piles missing at the berth, steel rods hanging from the structure, significant corrosion of concrete and reinforced steel exposed on beams.

We understand this iconic structure is also a valued fishing spot for the community. Reopening the wharf to halfway by the end of February allows time to measure the depth at low and high tide from the halfway point, alter and galvanize materials and finalise safety signage.

In the new year, a computer scanning survey will be run on the structure. This will provide more qualitive data of the structural condition and can be used as a benchmark to compare with future surveys. It will also provide a visual of the deterioration to assist with future decisions.

Thank you for your continued patience.