Council adopts house lifting policy

Wednesday 20 March, 2024

Council's policy for lifting houses that were flooded during the severe weather events last year, was officially adopted at Thursday's Council meeting.

Called the Elevating Tairāwhiti Policy it specifies how Council will appoint service providers to manage the two stages of the work programme, the funding limits for each stage, as well as the works that will be covered.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz says the adoption of this policy will give eligible property owners the certainty they have been looking for and enable Council to move forward with the planned programme of work.

“Now the policy has been adopted, Council will be finalising the application process and will communicate directly with relevant property owners and invite them to apply once applications open.

Property owners are eligible to apply for funding if their property has been classified as Category 2P under the Future of Severely Affected Land (FOSAL) framework, along with a recommendation for elevating the dwelling.

“I recognise that this is an extremely challenging time for whānau” said Mayor Stoltz “and I'd like to express my gratitude for their patience and resilience.”

A system to prioritise which properties will be lifted first has been undertaken in consultation with affected property owners.

Council will appoint service providers to manage the two stages of the work programme. The first stage investigates the feasibility of lifting the dwelling. If feasible, the property owner can then progress to stage two, the physical works stage.

We expect about 120 properties owners to apply for funding.

Te Aitanga a Māhaki will administer its portion of the $15 million government funding to elevate 32 homes under a separate policy.