Work underway to repair local road dropouts

Friday 8 March, 2024

Repair work has started on the first of more than 900 local road dropouts.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz says the repairs will provide much-needed safety and resilience for communities who use these rural roads every day.

“We’re building back,” says Mayor Stoltz.

“Communities can expect to see more work being completed as Government funding is released to us.

“This money won’t allow us to fix everything. We are prioritising our people, transport connections and infrastructure.

“We thank our communities for their patience while we work through these programmes of work.”

Over 600 dropouts were caused by Cyclone Gabrielle and a further 300 from other weather events.

Government has approved $8.5m in principle for dropouts, part of a $204m funding package which also includes repairs to bridges, Tiniroto Road, emergency works and flood mitigation.

The first set of dropouts are located on Kanakanaia, Wharekopae, Waimata Valley and Rakauroa roads, among others. Road closures are required on some sites and local communities are being contacted.

Further information can be found on Council’s road information page.