Workshop on how to reduce waste

Wednesday, 6 March 2024

Waste-Ed’s Kate Fenwick shops a lot differently these days.

“I don’t buy problem products. Only buy things that can be recycled.”

The motivational speaker has made it her life’s work to help others reduce waste in New Zealand and Gisborne District Council has brought Kate to Gisborne next week.

Kate’s Foodlovers Masterclass on Waste Minimisation has already sold out, so an additional workshop has been added to meet the demand for her messages around waste minimisation.

This two-hour workshop is on Thursday 14 March at the Tairāwhiti Environment Centre. You’ll need to register your place and it’s only $5.

Kate says the workshop will cover where the waste goes – “it doesn’t disappear like magic” – and go over the new recycling rules that came into effect last month.

It’ll also discuss the “green-washing phenomenon” – where brands make claims that aren’t true.

“It’s about what responsibility you need to take as a consumer. Be mindful about what you buy basically – use your dollar wisely.”

Council Waste Minimisation Lead Charlotte Phelps says it’s a chaotic time of consumerism and climate change.

“We are facing some big challenges.

“If you want a place to start your waste minimisation journey or even want to reinforce what you already know, then come along to this community workshop where you’ll get some life hacks to help you deal with/manage your waste better.”

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