Access across Tiniroto landslide end of next week

Wednesday 4 October, 2023

Access is expected by the end of next week across the enormous slip that dislodged part of Tiniroto Road yesterday.
Gisborne District Council Acting Director Community Lifelines Dave Hadfield says teams were on the ground first thing this morning for a site inspection to assess the risks and make a plan.
Late afternoon yesterday an estimated 25,000m3 of hillside above Tiniroto Road came down in a landslide that shunted almost 100 metres of the road downhill and dammed the Waikoko Stream.
The slip is 20km along Tiniroto Road if you’re coming from Gisborne.
Mr Hadfield says the road is closed with no access available between Rockhill Road and Parikanapa Rd.
“Contractors will be onsite during work hours to work as safely and quickly as is possible.
“This morning, Electrinet removed powerlines from the site and power has been rerouted for residents past the slip.
“Trees are being removed that are a fall risk and this will take up to three days.
“After that, the plan is to push an access track across the slip.”
Mr Hadfield says forestry companies are bringing their gear to the site and will work alongside Fulton Hogan.
Yesterday’s slip was in the same place as a slip during Cyclone Bola, which formed a lake named Lake French.
“A new naturally occurring landslide dam happened with last night’s slip and some water is running through it. Council is monitoring it while a plan is being developed.
“We’re also in discussions with the people who own the land impacted by the slip, and we’re trying to source areas where we can dispose of the slip debris.
“Our hazards advisor is monitoring the slip and the weather forecast so we can effectively respond if required.”
Mr Hadfield says teams are working safely and as quickly as they can.
“While there are other routes that can be taken by residents impacted by this slip, it does mean a detour via Wairoa.
“We know the sooner we can reconnect everyone back to Gisborne again, the better.”

Tiniroto slip 3 Oct 2023