Haumaru Moana - Safer Boating Week

Wednesday 18 October, 2023

If you see a bright orange gazebo by the boat ramps this summer – go and have a chat.

It means Harbourmaster Peter Buell and the Māori Wardens are close by to ensure good information is readily available for anyone going out on the water.

They’ll have some cool boating safety giveaways on hand as well.

This week is Safer Boating Week – Haumaru Moana.

Harbourmaster Peter Buell kicked it off with two full days at the A&P Show chatting to the community.

“We don’t have the best statistics in New Zealand when it comes to drownings. The more people we can get to understand water safety, the more we can keep improving those numbers.”

Peter brings a realistic and educational approach to everything safety through conversations.

“We don’t want to ruin anyone’s day before they’re off to go fishing , we just want to make sure everyone comes home safely.

“If you don’t have the right size lifejacket, there’ll be ones we can loan you for the day at the Council office on Fitzherbert Street, and at the boat ramp as well.”

In the New Year, the water safety team will head up the Coast to deliver safety messages directly to boaties at popular areas like Uawa/Tolaga Bay, Tokomaru Bay, Waipiro Bay, Ruatorea, Tikitiki, Te Araroa and Wharekahika.

They’ll also be at some schools - and if you’d like a visit from the Haumaru team please send us an email at [email protected].

Harbourmaster Peter Buell at the A&P Show