Lego Master at the library until November

Tuesday 10 October, 2023

Lego Master finalist, entertainer, entrepreneur and Gisborne man Jonathan Samson, 46, will be an artist in residence at the HB Williams Memorial Library until November 4.

Jono’s going to build a lego replica of the library in-house - and people are invited to come along, have a chat and watch the work in progress.

Council Cultural Activities Manager Pene Walsh says there’s a mindfulness component to this project, it’s all about our emotional wellness.

This month Jono led two fully booked lego building workshops. Held at the library, they were informed by his own experiences with mental health and wellness and expressing your ideas with lego.

He’s looking forward to more chats this week while he builds.

Jono will be based in the main foyer of the library at the following days and time until Saturday, 4 November:

Tuesday 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Thursday 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Saturday 10.30am – 12.30pm.

“Lego is a language that bridges communication gaps with children, who learn through play, which is the same way my Dad taught me,” says Jono.

“People these days have way too much stress on their minds and humans don’t work well under stress.

“We need to play. We all need to stop and play.

“Lego comes from the Danish words Leg Godt, which means ‘play well’.”

Last year Jono appeared on the TV show Lego Masters NZ, where teams compete in lego challenges.

The Gisborne Herald followed the progress of Jono and his teammate Dan Mulholland who placed third overall.

Jono’s love of lego started with his first set at three years old.

“At about 17, someone said I was too old to play lego and foolishly I believed them.”

He refers to the lego-less years after this as the “dark ages” until at age 30 he walked into a toy store and his passion was reignited.

Before he builds the lego library next week, Jono is going to plan and assemble his design at home first.

This is so he can have a chance to talk to people instead of being immersed in the design.

Jono was born and raised in Gisborne, has three kids and reckons he’s lucky to be here with an inspiring life story he’s happy to share and inspire others with.

Without revealing too many spoilers, head down to the library next week and check out the artist in action.