Changes to dog control and keeping animals bylaws

Tuesday 12 September, 2023

Gisborne District Council has introduced eight changes to the Dog Control policy and bylaw which are now in place.

Dogs can be walked on a leash around the city’s boardwalks but the sandy areas of Kaiti Beach and the most heavily used part of Waikanae Beach are now prohibited to dogs – which means no dogs allowed, not even on leashes.

Council Director Sustainable Futures Joanna Noble says it’s important to remember these changes have been made to encourage responsible dog ownership around the city and promote environments where dogs and people can happily and peacefully co-exist.

Ms Noble says an area of 700 metres has been made dog-free on Waikanae Beach – this is the area from the Young Nick statue (by The Cut) to Roberts Road.

Other areas have also been made dog-free around town to ensure there are some areas where families can go without the concern of roaming dogs.

“Dog owners can have their dogs on a leash in the area of beach between Stanley Road and Pacific Street, which is about 800m in length.

“In the area of Midway Beach from Pacific Street to the river mouth – dogs can be off lead and run as far as they like. This is over 7.2 km of beach.”

Ms Noble says community consultation on these and other changes, happened between 25 January and 16 March when 300 submissions were received alongside several comments on Facebook.

“All feedback was considered and we appreciate the time our community took to deliver this feedback.”

The full list of changes to the dog control policy and bylaw are on Council’s website.

The Keeping of Animals bylaw has also been updated. The rule for beehives has been standardized to two beehives per property in urban areas, and a new clause clarifies how the Bylaw applies to feral or stray animals.