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Pipe repairs continue this month

Tuesday 5 September, 2023

Work on underground pipes around the city continues this month after impacts from Cyclone Gabrielle triggered more than 80 repair jobs.

The high volume of water transferred during the cyclone caused havoc on an aging underground pipe system – both stormwater and wastewater.

Community Lifelines Acting Director Dave Hadfield says more than 40 repairs have already been completed with further work planned during September.

“These remaining jobs are on a mix of wastewater and stormwater pipes. We also wanted to let our community know about two big projects coming up towards the end of the month.”

They’re the pipe replacement at the Adventure Playground and work on the corner of Childers Road and Derby Street.

Mr Hadfield says the Childers Road job is to reline a 100-year-old brick archway stormwater channel. The affected section of road has been cordoned off awaiting repair as the road started to sink where the archway had been compromised.

Mr Hadfield says the good news is the road will not need to be ripped up to fix this issue.

Over at the Adventure Playground, a portion of wastewater pipe needs to be replaced after it sustained a crack from the pressures of Cyclone Gabrielle.

“This crack undermines our ability to transfer wastewater during heavy rain events.

“We’ll let you know closer to the time when these jobs will start.

“We also thank you for your patience as you drive around town mindful that certain areas are having repairs made to restore our city’s pipes.”

Below: The 100-year-old brick archway under Childers Road, which carries our stormwater, needs some repairs and they’ll be carried out this month.

Brick archway stormwater

Adventure playground pipe repair site