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Working with us

Here at Gisborne District Council we use a range of suppliers and service providers to deliver quality products and services.

Before we can start using you as a supplier, we need some information to set you up in our system. Your staff contact will give you a form to complete to start this process.

On this page

Purchase orders

We use purchase orders to approve, manage and make payments for all goods and service purchased.

If you’re asked to supply us goods or services, we need to give you a purchase order number.

If you haven’t been provided with a purchase order, please contact the staff who you’ve been working with to get that for you.

The purchase order number should be quoted on all your correspondence with us regarding the goods or services including on the invoice.

Purchase order for contracts or agreements

A purchase order is used for goods or service procurement that come under individually negotiated contracts or agreements. The purchase orders will be valid for a specific period of time, or a total number of dollars for a specified period of time and will be related to a formal contract.

Terms and conditions

Our purchase order terms and conditions of supply are available on our webpage.

If a formal written contract is in place, then the terms and conditions of that contract will take precedence over the purchase order terms and conditions. However, you should always quote the purchase order number on your correspondence and invoice.

If you don’t have a purchase order number

You should be supplied with a purchase order number when the goods or services are requested. If not, or you don’t know the number, check with your staff contact before you send us your invoice.

Terms and conditions of supply

Getting paid

We know getting paid on time's important. Here’s how you can make sure the payment process goes smoothly.

Information we need on your invoice

  • Supplier’s legal name
  • Our approved purchase order number
  • Date and a unique invoice number
  • Staff contact name or department
  • Your email address and contact phone number
  • Invoices must meet IRD requirements, such as being correctly named, addressed and itemised
  • If you’re registered for GST, the words “Tax Invoice” and  your GST number
  • Bank account number for payment to be made to.

If a purchase order number is not quoted on the invoice or it doesn’t match the purchase order or agreed contract payment, value, quantity or detail - it may not be authorised for payment and may be returned to the supplier for correction.


Once you have supplied your good and services, send us your invoice by the 5th of the month for payment that month..

The amount owed will be paid into your bank account on the 20th of the month, or the next business day.

If you require different payment terms, please contact us.

If the goods or services you provide us are subject to Schedular Payments, withholding tax or non-resident withholding tax will be deducted prior to the payment of your invoice. We’ll need valid Tax Code Declarations (IR330) or IRD Tax Exemptions before we can pay you.

See IRD's website for information on schedular payments.

Where to send your invoice

Please email invoices and credit notes to

Also email a copy to your staff contact, if requested.

Payment method

Our payment method is by electronic funds transfer. Payments are electronically deposited into your bank account as provided on your invoice.

Confirming bank account details

We require a bank document showing your account name, number and the bank logo.  
This could be a copy of your bank statement header, a printed deposit slip or internet banking screenshot which includes the bank logo. The main name of your bank account must be the same as your supplier name.

Contact us

Talk to us about your invoice, payment or refund. Phone us at the numbers below or

Change of details

If you change your bank account, address, company name or any other information we hold, please email us so we can make the necessary changes.

It’s up to you as a supplier to keep your details current with us.

A change of bank account number, will require written confirmation from the bank.  
See information on confirming bank details

Health and safety

We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for all workers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Before you can tender or be considered for work you’re required to go through an approval process to evaluate your health and safety management system and qualifications. For health and safety information