Whakaaetanga hanganga iti

Minor building consent

The work must be for a residential project under the value of $19,000 and be one of the following:

  • House repiling* - of an existing dwelling. Requires ground bearing capacity test.
  • Minor internal alteration - removing an internal load bearing wall and replacing it with a beam. No work under this title shall include plumbing.
  • On-site wastewater system* - repair or replace, an ‘on-site wastewater assessment’ will be required with the building consent application.
  • Solar panel - for an in dwelling hot water cylinder. A reduced fee may apply.
  • Minor plumbing/drainage work - stormwater to kerb or accessible shower within an existing bathroom. Adding plumbing fixtures to existing kitchen, bathroom or laundry.
  • Drain repair following CTV check that does not require further inspection. Applications will be charged at half the current fee for minor inspection, or if less than 6m in length no charge will apply.
  • Enclose an existing porch * - area greater than 5m2 for sun room or extra living space only, not to be used for sleeping purposes. No plumbing or foundation work involved.
  • Repitch an existing roof * - increase pitch using factory manufactured trusses, but not including attic type trusses and not increasing the plan area of the roof.
  • Roof to existing deck * - more than 20m2 (all cases check with planning)
  • Proprietary conservatory * - factory manufactured conservatories greater than 15m2 that carry their own producer statement.
  • Residential fence higher than 2.5 metres * - all fences above 2m require planning consent or the adjoining neighbour’s approval
  • Carport * - stand alone or attached to an existing building, that has one or more open sides and greater than 30m2.

*A certificate of title is required, applications will be checked for District Plan compliance.

Application form for minor building work