Nama āhuatanga ōkiko

Property number

Urban street address number or rural property number

You can apply for an urban street number or rural number for your house. Every rural property with a house should have a RAPID number.

RAPID is a rural address property identification.

Apply for a new street address or rural property number

If you're building a new house, you can apply for a new street or property number on your building consent application form.

Or apply here online

Application Form - RAPID or New Street Number

How rural property numbers are assigned

RAPID numbers start at the end of the road closest to Gisborne city. The number is calculated in metres, on the distance the property is along the road from the start of the road to the centre of the driveway for the house.

The final measurement is divided by 10, then rounded to a whole number. Numbers on the right side of the road are even and the left side are odd numbers. As an example 825m would be numbered 82 if it's on the right side or 83 if it's on the left side of the road. If there's more than one dwelling off a driveway, a letter is added 83A etc.

If you have a shared driveway you can request an additional plate to put on your house. The primary plate must be at the entrance to the property.

Can I change the number if I don't like it?

It's not possible to change the number as it reflects the distance along the road. Changing the number would compromise the integrity of the numbering system.

State highways in our district are named, such as Wharerata Road, Matawai Road, Whangara Road etc. The property numbering works the same way as any other rural road.

Yes they can.

RAPID numbers are to ensure rural houses are numbered.

This is for ease and speed in emergency situations.

You can order a plate and put it up yourself.

Land Information New Zealand has a national property database - all emergency services have access to this information to quickly find a property in a rural area.