Manatū Puna Kōrero Whenua

Land Information Memorandum

Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a report prepared by Council which provides a summary of property information.

If you're considering buying a property, we recommend you obtain a LIM before purchase.  The report is a comprehensive search of Council's clerical records only.

To apply for a LIM

Fill in the LIM application form.  You need to provide a current historical certificate of title (no older than 1 month) or pay the extra fee for us to obtain it.

Pay the fee when you submit your application. The fee is based on the property category.

LIM Application Form - Apply here

Fees based on the property category

Residential Rural (over 1 hectare) Commercial or Industrial Processing days
$382 with title provided $614* deposit - with title provided 10 working days
$407 without title $639* deposit - without title 10 working days

* indicate these items are a minimum charge and may incur additional actual and reasonable costs.  
A copy of the current certificate of title must be provided with the application. Otherwise we charge $25 for each additional title.

Forestry blocks and large LIM requests - at cost. 
Commercial / Industrial - any commercial or industrial property
Rural - all rural properties over 1 hectare in land area
Residential - includes a property under 1 hectare, or within the city limits that are not commercial or industrial.

If in doubt regarding the category please contact us

If you're considering buying a property, we recommend you obtain a LIM before purchase.

A LIM is a comprehensive search of Council's clerical records only.

It is important to provide Council with a current historic record of title.

The title is required as it shows the history of the property and the owners. This information is very important when searching old records.

A copy of a title can be obtained from Council at cost.

If you have any concerns about the property, we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified independent professional.

Processing time

LIMs take 10 working days to process.

If the application is received after 9am, the first processing day is counted from the next working day.

Applications will not be processed between 20 December and 10 January.

LIM information

Legal Description: The legal description of the property as defined by the Title. Flat/unit plan numbers are also included, where applicable. This is a confirmation that the correct site has been identified.

Government Valuation: The year of valuation and the property’s valuation number, land value, improvement value and capital value. Special rateable values are also supplied if applicable.

Rates: The annual rates levied on property, including any outstanding amounts for the current instalment period. Arrears are also stated if applicable.

Water Charges: Metered or not, the current outstanding balance (including arrears) for water consumption and the date the meter was last read. Information on defects noted i.e. high consumption re possible water leakage is also provided where applicable.

Planning: The zoning of the property and copies of maps as defined by the Combined Regional Land and District Plan. Identified uses, designations, natural and cultural heritage information etc are noted as necessary. Resource consents (approved or declined) within the past 5 years or earlier if appropriate and any requisitions. Consents on adjoining properties are provided if Council deems such information is in the purchaser’s greater interest. Any known restrictions on the site which may restrict land use, future additions, subdivisions etc.

Building/Plumbing and Drainage: A list of permits/consents issued, giving dates and types of consents that Council has on record, along with any floor plans on file. Any outstanding ongoing works are finalised if appropriate, otherwise advice is given that the works are not finalised and a Code Compliance Certificate has not been issued. Any relevant correspondence and/or requisitions are supplied and it is noted if the building is classified as “earthquake prone”.

Compliance Schedules: Where a property is subject to a Compliance Schedule the purchaser must obtain the Compliance Schedule and records from the vendor to enable them to carry out the owners’ responsibilities under the Building Act 1991. A copy of the most current Warrant of Fitness held by Council will be supplied.

Pool Registration: A check is made of Council’s pool register. It is up to the applicant and/or property owner to ensure the pool is fenced in accordance with the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987. If a pool exists on site and is not mentioned in the LIM report and/or non-complying fencing exists, you are advised to contact Council’s Building Inspector. “A Simple Guide to Swimming Pool Fencing” pamphlet is available from Council.

Underground Services: A map showing Council’s underground services, depicting their location through and/or adjacent to the site and showing connections where available. Some areas within Gisborne district are not serviced. These areas are mainly rural. Copies of any drainage plans held will be supplied.

Foundation Conditions and Roading: Expected conditions and bearing capacity. The standard of the road and any proposals regarding new roading or upgrading of existing roading.

Environmental Health and Liquor Licencing: Information supplied on dangerous goods, contaminated sites and any licences currently obtained and outstanding requirements/requisitions that may be applicable. When ownership changes, any licences should be updated i.e. information sent to Environmental Health, Gisborne District Council.

Soil and Water Conservation: (Properties located near hills and streams or in rural areas.) Details of land overlays, earthworks and land disturbance requirements and existing consents. Any natural hazards/special features i.e. slipping and/or erosion. Risk factor of amplification of ground shaking and susceptibility to soil liquefaction during an earthquake from the available IGNS earthquake hazard mapping. Any water permits/consents and/or outstanding requisitions.

Other Features of the Site: Any history of flooding, noxious plants and other related information that may affect the property.

We cannot retrospectively issue a building consent for work that has already been completed. We may only issue a Certificate of Acceptance. See building forms

The owner becomes liable for any unpermitted work. Talk to your solicitor.

Exceptions include: 

Housing Corporation and Department of Maori Affairs houses built prior to 1991 - both organisations were not required to apply for a building consent.

Cook County Council records pre 1948 were destroyed in a fire.