Tūnga waka tāngata noho taone (CBD)

Parking permit CBD residents

The Central Business District (CBD) Resident's Parking Scheme allows a parking exemption for people who live in the central city. It  allows residents to park their vehicle in a 60 or 120 minute time restricted parking area, any time of the day or night.

Who can apply for a permit

Residents living in the inner CBD area.

This is the area bounded by Reads Quay, Palmerston Road, Carnarvon Street, Childers Road, Grey Street, Kahutia Street to Customhouse Street, Pitt Street.

Conditions of the permit

The permit is valid for one year from the date of issue, up to the date of expiry.

A permit is valid for only one specified vehicle and is issued for that vehicle's registration number. It's not valid for a replacement vehicle - see replacing a permit.

The permit applies to 60 and 120 minute time restricted parking areas only. It does not apply to pay and display areas, metered areas, 5, 10 or 30 minute time restricted parking areas.

The original permit must be displayed, copies are not acceptable.

The permit does not apply to prohibited parking places such as broken yellow lines, clearways or bus stops.

The permit must not be used for displaying advertising or promotional signs.

The permit does not guarantee a parking space to a resident and parking spaces cannot be reserved by any means.

Any abuse of the terms and conditions of this permit may result in future applications being refused.

Permit fees are non-refundable.

Gisborne District Council reserves the right to revoke a permit at any time without reason.

How to apply for a permit

Download and fill in the application form.  Read the guidelines before filling in the application.

Acceptable proof of residency in the CBD.  This can be a copy of your power or phone bill or bank statement that's less than 2 months old and shows your name and full residential address. Rates invoices provide proof of ownership, but not residency - and are therefore not accepted.

If you're not the registered owner of the vehicle, the vehicle is a company vehicle or belongs to a friend, a letter of authority is required to state that the vehicle is for sole use of the applicant who lives in the CBD.

Payment of the fee $165 is reviewed annually.

Take your application form and make your payment at customer service in Fitzherbert Street. Or pay online - here's our bank details.

Permit applications with all supporting documents will be processed in 5 working days.

Permits will not be issued until payment has been received.  Once the fee is paid you can either collect your permit or ask us to post it to you.

Replacing a permit

If you change your vehicle, to update your details will cost $15.

You need to fill in an application form and pay the fee.

The standard processing time still applies so please lodge your application as soon as possible.