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Trade waste

Trade waste is any commercial or industrial liquid waste that flows into our wastewater (sewer) system.

It does not include stormwater or wastewater that goes into the sewer from domestic toilets, kitchens, bathrooms or laundries.

Any business that produces liquid waste larger than domestic quantities may need a trade waste consent.

Trade premises that may need a trade waste consent

  • Food processors - meat, fish, vegetables, fruit
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Metal finishers
  • Service stations
  • Restaurants, Café, Bakeries
  • Freezing works

For a full list of discharges producing trade waste, refer to the Trade Waste Bylaw.

Grease trap tips

  • Do scrape all solids off plates before washing them.
  • Do service your grease trap on a regular basis.
  • Do ensure your grease trap is working efficiently and correctly.
  • Don't use large amounts of detergent when washing.
  • Don't tip oil and fats into your sink - these can solidify in the sewer lines causing blockages and overflows.