Tono whakatomo tomokanga

Corridor access request

Approval is required to carry out any work within a road reserve.

Road reserve or 'road corridor' includes the road carriageway, footpath, berm and grassed area. It's the area from usually the front fence of a property boundary across the road to the opposite property front boundary.

Council owns the road corridor - you need approval to carry out any work within road reserve.

For information about fences that bound private property and road reserve

Approval to work in the road corridor - Corridor Access Request (CAR)

A CAR is required for:

  • any activity that will alter, or cause to be altered, the surface of any part of the road corridor, including excavating, drilling and resurfacing
  • the placement of any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure below, on or above the road corridor.
  • a new vehicle crossing, driveway works
  • building construction (commercial)
  • scaffolding works associated with renovations or building maintenance
  • shop front fit outs/repairs/replacements
  • crane operators
  • building cleaning/painting up to 4 hours
  • events

First check the location of underground pipes and cables before you dig.

The preferred method is to apply online - the processing is quicker.

Submit your request online. Register and follow the instructions on the site. 
Visit or

The declaration on the form refers to requirements of the utilities code.  
Visit NZ Utilities Advisory Group website for the code

CAR  form PDF

Once you submit your application, allow 20 working days for processing.

You cannot start the work until you have approval of your application.

Any obstructions to the work such as trees, stormwater drains or power poles, in liaison with the asset owners - are to be removed or relocated at the property owner's expense.

Install a cattle stop or swing gate on a public road

Written permission is required to erect a swing gate or a cattle stop across any public road. Fill in the application form and return it to us.