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Burning cyclone and flood waste

Temporary law change on open burning of cyclone and flood-related waste on commercial scale horticultural and agricultural properties

Cyclone-damaged commercial horticulture and agriculture properties (especially orchards, viticulture, vegetable and pastoral farms) that have been impacted by the sheer volume of flood-related mixed waste on their property, can apply to burn the waste.

Removal of the mixed waste is a critical first step before the land can be returned to productivity.  Given the complexity of some waste piles, it's likely that material that would normally release toxic gases and particulates will be present throughout the mixed waste debris and to burn these would normally require resource consent.

Gisborne District Council received an Order in Council (OIC) under the Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Legislation Act 2023 for the burning of cyclone and flood waste. This temporary law change for commercial affected properties, is effective now and must finish by 1 November 2023. The last date to submit a fire management plan to us is 29 October 2023.

Council will ensure compliance and monitoring of this temporary law change.
Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s regulatory,  enforcement and emergency response functions and powers are unaffected by this Order in Council.

What you need to do to apply:
Comply with the permitted activity standards including:
  • Sampling the soil before and after the burn.
  • Separating prohibited materials where possible.
  • Supervising the burn at all times
  • Monitoring weather conditions to ensure contaminants in the smoke don't get trapped close to the ground.
  • You remain responsible for the burn.

For further advice

Further advice on safe burning can be found at www.fireandemergency.nz/cyclone.

If the management plan, or the regulations under the OIC are not adhered to, Council may take enforcement action.


Severe Weather Emergency Recovery (Resource Management - Burning of Waste) Order 2023 Order in Council relates to severe weather events around the open burning of waste.