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Poles - sold out for 2023

1 June 2023

Following cyclone Gabrielle we have had a strong interest in securing poplar and willow poles for planting affected sites this winter. Unfortunately, due to the unfavorable growing conditions we have experienced this summer, there is a shortage of Poplar and Willow poles this year. We are not taking any further orders and we are assessing reductions to current orders.

If you already have an order with us, someone in our team will be in touch soon to discuss how this might affect you. Due to rising costs we have also had no choice but to increase the pole price for this winter. We are sorry about the inconvenience and looking forward to a better growing season next year.

Dynex recycling

Did you know that you can drop your used dynex pole sleeves back to the Waerenga-o-kuri nursery for recycling? At this point we will not be accepting sleeves for recycling back at Awarua.