Te pānuitanga whakaaetanga rawa taiao

Notified Resource Consents

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) allows you to have your say on decisions that affect the environment.

You may make a submission on an advertised resource consent that we're processing.
The only exceptions are Limited Notified consents, only the notified affected parties are able to make a submission.

Name Location of site Consent number Status
Gisborne District Council - Community Lifelines Gisborne reticulated services area DW-2020-109732-00 / WD-2020-109733-00 Granted
Eastland Port Limited Coastal marine area including the port basin, port navigation channel and off shore disposal ground LU-2020-109518-00 / CR-2020-109519-00 / CD-2020-109520-00 Submissions closed
Gisborne District Council - Liveable Communities Titirangi Summit LU-2021-110701-00 / LL-2021-110702-00 / NC-2021-110740-00 Submissions