Katinga rori wa poto

Temporary road closure

Roads need to be closed for various reasons, but mainly for maintenance and construction, safety reasons and events.

Road closures for safety and maintenance are listed on our road information page.

Temporary road closure for events

Roads and streets in our district can be temporarily closed for an event that will disrupt traffic or pedestrians.

If your event requires a road closure, it must be publicly notified. An application to close a road must be submitted at least 10 weeks before the event.

Every application for a temporary road closure also requires a Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

To apply for a temporary road closure, fill in the application below:

Email the application to events@gdc.govt.nz

We advertise temporary road closures for events on our website under public notices

Timeline to close a road for an event

You must apply for permission to close a road at least 8 weeks before the event.

We are required to advertise the proposed road closure at least 42 days before the proposed period of closure. This allows 28 days to advertise for public submissions.

Provided there are no objections and we approve the temporary closure, a final advert will be placed on our website 24 hours before the event.

You also need to provide a Traffic Management Plan 20 working days before the event.
See information on Traffic Management Plans

Responsibility of the event organiser

As the event organiser you are responsible for the actual physical road closure and the traffic management that supports the closure.

Event organisers also need to obtain any other necessary permits and consents from us for the event, such as the use of council land, sale of alcohol, sale of food and rubbish disposal etc.

The event organiser must also:
  • Accept financial liability for any damage from the special event that is caused to the roads, bridges or any road furniture and utilities forming part of the roads.
  • Contact all property owners or occupiers adjacent to the roads to be temporarily closed and advise them of the event to be held.
  • Provide a Temporary Traffic Management Plan for our approval.
  • Employ a contractor to provide and set up signs and barriers.
  • Obtain adequate public liability insurance for the event.