Gisborne District Council - Community Lifelines

Notified resource consent application.


Gisborne District Council (the Applicant) has lodged an application for the discharge of untreated wastewater from the Gisborne wastewater network within the Gisborne Reticulated Services Area in situations where the wastewater network has been inundated with rainwater in heavy rain (wet weather overflows) and also in cases where there is a malfunction or blockage in the network (dry weather overflows). The discharge application includes discharges to land and water (rivers) and to the Coastal Marine Area (CMA), although direct discharges to the CMA are not anticipated.

The application includes a range of actions and measures that seek to progressively reduce overflow frequency, volume and risk; and to manage the risks and environmental effects of any overflows where these occur out of necessity.

The application seeks a 20 year term of consent.

Applicant's name Gisborne District Council - Community Lifelines
Location of site Gisborne reticulated services area
Consent number DW-2020-109732-00 / WD-2020-109733-00
Consents applied for Discharge to Water, Discharge Wastewater to Land
Status Granted - Submissions close 16/09/2020
Address for service Gisborne District Council
Email address for service
Online submission How to make a submission

Todd Whittaker

Application documents
Submissions received
Decision FINAL-COMMISSIONERS-DECISION-WD-2020-109733-00.pdf

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